Zero-waste versus eco-friendly?

With 2021 fast approaching we thought it was a great time to share the easy eco-friendly swaps we’ve made… a recent article in Forbes about the increase in sales of bidet’s in America (OVER 168% rise in organic interest in one week alone in March 2020…!) got us discussing the issue of zero-waste vs eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly is getting a bad rap at the moment, with many saying that the term eco-friendly is green washing, but here at Mondays we’re not so sure. We believe that everyone can do their bit and should not be paralysed by the enormity of the problem that the planet faces, after all ‘a million people making eco-friendly choices will have more impact than 10,000 people doing zero-waste perfectly’.

“a million people making eco-friendly choices will have more impact than 10,000 people doing zero-waste perfectly”

So here are a few ideas for easy eco-friendly swaps from the Mondays team :

Sofia – 🐝2🐝 Sales Representative

Sofia – loves her eco-friendly coffee ☕️

“I swapped my Nespresso machine and capsules for a Jura Machine and I now buy my coffee from a Swiss start-up based in Basel called Direct Coffee.

They work directly with farmers in Ethiopia and for each purchase you make, they donate to a social or environmental project in the community. It’s a totally fair and transparent trade. And my mother and I just ❤️the really personalised notes you get through with each delivery. We really feel a part of the Direct Coffee family – I’d never swap back.”

Fotini – Spreadsheet 🦸🏻‍♀️ Superwoman

Fotini – a Beeswax swap was so easy it inspired more switches

“When I’m not glued to a Mondays spreadsheet, I spend a lot of my ‘free-time’ in the kitchen feeding four hungry children… everywhere I look I find plastic – this year I have been working on finding plastic-free alternatives that easily work for us.

The first swap that started me on this journey was clingfilm…it’s totally gone from my kitchen now! The fun Beeswax Wraps I bought have not only replaced the clingfilm, but they have also inspired us as a family to continue to make little switches that will cumulatively have a big impact.”

Nancy – CEO & Co-Founder of Mondays 🛁

Nancy loving her bath with no compromise on the bubbles 🍾

“I literally ❤️ a bath – so much so that it is no longer a rare luxury for me, I have to confess that at this time of year I find myself having one almost every evening. So possibly my hardest eco-decision to date was to swap my luxurious and favourite Jo Malone bath oil (which regrettably comes in a plastic bottle) for a plastic-free alternative.

Amazingly this has turned out not been a compromise at all – on the contrary I have discovered the Lush Sleepy bubble bar. As well as being packaging free, vegetarian and 100% natural, it’s just as moisturising, smells totally gorgeous, looks awesome, is tonnes cheaper not to mention it has the added advantage of loads of bubbles…. I’d forgotten how wonderful bubbles can be!”

Paméla Website 👩🏻‍💻

Paméla controlling her smart lights with just an app

“When I moved, a few months back (setting up home for the first time), I took charge of the lighting!  I went from using conventional light bulbs (which I’d never questioned before) to using LED smart lights ⚡️💡.  They are more energy efficient (A++), brighter and last longer… and the best bit (for techie 👩🏻‍💻like me) is that I can now control all my lights with an App, super easy 💁🏻‍♀️ 💚.”

Elisabeth – COO & Co-founder Mondays

Elisabeth with her shampoo bar

“I wanted to make another plastic free swap in my bathroom (Mondays plastic free period products started it all off for me!) … and I had been tempted by shampoo bars for quite some time, however I have really quite difficult hair and without the right hair care it’s honestly a nightmare🥴.

So I was quite hesitant, but on a whim I took the plunge a few months ago and now I am converted, these shampoo bars are fabulous ! I am so delighted with them and cannot imagine going back. Right now I am trying out the range from Lush. They cost more than supermarket shampoo bottles but because they contain no water they last forever! They still lather up gorgeously and smell great!”

Progress not Perfection

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