It’s Christmas time, merry wrapping! We’re all busy buying gifts, wrapping them up and sending packages to our friends and family. So let’s discuss the wrapping and packaging of our Mondays’ period products – how we ensure that it’s environmentally friendly just like the products themselves and why this is so important to us, you and the planet. Our commitment to environmentally friendly packaging has even influenced the type of period products that we provide to you. 

Let’s start with the tampons

Mondays tampons are wrapped in paper. PERIOD. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is; “Why don’t Mondays provide non-applicator (or OB style) tampons?” The answer is the packaging. All non-applicator tampons available today have a chemical siliconised finishing and are wrapped in plastic, holding it together and giving it the steady form that it has. The applicator ensures the quality of our products and allows us to go plastic-free. While the plastic covering an individual non-applicator tampon is only a very small amount when you think that a woman uses 11,000 products in a lifetime that still adds up to a lot of plastic! Therefore we took a decision not to offer non-applicator tampons. Instead, Mondays provide applicator tampons which are wrapped in paper.

What about the pads and pantyliners?

We often get asked; “What are the pads and pantyliners wrapped in, because it feels like plastic?

The answer is we wrap them in Mater-Bi®. So what is Mater-Bi®, and why does it matter? Mater-Bi® is an entirely biodegradable and compostable material made from cornstarch.

So what exactly does biodegradable mean? “Biodegradability is the ability of the substances and organic materials to be degraded into simpler substances through the enzymatic activity of microorganisms. This process transforms the starting organic substances into simple inorganic molecules, water, carbon dioxide and methane.”

And the term compostable? Compostability is the ability of an organic material to transform into compost through bacterial and fungi activity, an aerobic biological processes. It leads to the production of compost, which is an excellent fertiliser.

The biodegradability and compostability of Mater-Bi® is guaranteed through the leading independent certification bodies from around the world. Most notably here in Europe Mater-Bi® carries the certification EN 13432.

The ingredients for Mater-Bi® do not impact food production. Mater-Bi® contains cornstarch and vegetable oils. The cornstarch is grown in Europe with traditional agricultural practices. It is not genetically modified nor are deforested land or virgin soils used for its production. The vegetable oils come from non-transgenic crops, other than palm and soya, which require minimal irrigation.  

The upshot is that all Mondays products are wrapped in renewable resources and as they contain NO FOSSIL FUELS and this results in lower carbon emissions.

On to the Mondays’ Boxes, what are they made of?

Mondays partnered with COLOURFORM™ as an alternative to traditional packaging because we wanted to provide our consumers with a packaging solution that met with the growing eco-conscious consumer mindset and yet delivered in terms of luxury.

The Mondays’ Box is fully renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is made from 100% renewable wood fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests, and high-quality content from James Cropper’s own recycling plant. So there you have it – a pretty colourful box, made of moulded fibre, free from plastic, that anyone can be proud to display in the bathroom, and re-use it for other purposes, rather than hideaway.

And finally, what about the postal boxes which my period products arrive in?

We needed a bespoke solution that would deliver the Mondays’ Boxes in pristine condition to your bathroom. For this, we partnered with Blake Envelopes; they took on board our commitment to being 100% plastic-free and even removed the plastic tear strip.

So to wrap this blog up! Whilst we don’t do non-applicator (OB style) tampons, you now know why! And we do have a fantastic range of responsibly wrapped products that are better for you and the planet. Perhaps 2020 will be the year you switch to plastic-free periods and enjoy unwrapping Mondays every month?

Have fun finishing your wrapping, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!  

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