Do you know what’s hiding in your cupboard…? Elisabeth had an interesting experience recently that might make you question a lot of things…

“On my way to work the other day, I was confronted with a sculpture of a HUGE VULVA (not, to be honest,  what I was expecting to see on my way to work!). 

Underneath the sculpture, there was a selection of healthy and natural products on display, which immediately caught my attention. I went into the pharmacy and complimented the lady behind the counter on the window display (she blushed).  Curious, I asked about the different products in the window. She explained they were an assortment of chemical-free creams and soaps for women,  specifically for the vulva area.

This raised the question… Did they also have natural, chemical-free period products? She handed me a bag of pads labeled ‘sensitive’ and ‘soft like cotton’ – she pointed out the word ‘cotton’. I bought the pack and went on to the office. 

As soon as I arrived, I took a closer look at the products the pharmacist had just recommended. Next to the word ‘cotton’, there was an *asterisk leading me to the back of the packet, where I found the tiniest declaration *’contains NO cotton’….. WHAT!!!! .. yes, you guessed it, plastic period pads in fancy-dress. 

So I dare you in this darkest and scariest of weeks …to open that bathroom cupboard and find out what’s actually hiding in there. 

It’s the most precious and absorbent part of your body – take care of it. Mondays is what it says it is – 100% plastic-free and made of organic cotton.”

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