Frustrated with how time consuming it was to buy plastic free period products, (and regularly being caught short!) Nancy decided to dive into the world of periods and discover what the options were on the market to make her periods more convenient. Where could she find that what she was looking for? Did she even know what she was looking for..? That’s when the journey towards plastic free periods initiated.

After a year spent deep in the topic of all things menstruation related, she concluded that, there was a gap in the market and invited Elisabeth to embark on the Mondays Mission with her.

Numerous surveys, vast amounts of research and loads of elevator pitches later and all the time networking like crazy (as well as everything else entailed in the creation of a company), together they launched Mondays on 17.6.2019!

Plastic free periods made easy…why is that special?

Did you know that the tampons, pads and pantyliners available at the supermarket are composed of up to 90% plastic?  And that is excluding the packaging! And a woman spends on average 350 hours of her lifetime buying these products?

Mondays solves both of these issues in one go: an online subscription service (= no more shopping) for plastic free period products (=no more plastic).   In a nutshell Mondays is Plastic-free periods made easy….

So how does it work?

A Mondays’ Box is a bespoke mix of 25 products unique to you.  In 2 easy steps you can drop that shop:

  1. select the products that fit your flow and
  2. arrange to have the box delivered to sync with your cycle.

Those 350 hours spent in the supermarket are replaced with a one-time 4 min online registration 😉

Better for you, better for the planet

Mondays products are, first and foremost, reliable, trust us they work!  They are environmentally friendly, produced in Europe using organic cotton and to top it all off the packaging offers not only that luxurious final touch, but it is also 100% plastic free!

Mondays is a quality Swiss-brand with wings, flying (almost) anywhere around the globe.

Join the movement

We are happy that you’ve decided to join us, share Mondays with your friends and follow us on Social Media @organicmondays.  Together we can make plastic free periods the norm!

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